25 Mg Seroquel

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25 Mg Seroquel

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into a light mass, adding ess. limon. 25 Mg Seroquel q. p. Ung. adipis suillce. The same without the ess. limon. Ung. rubrum desiccativcm. Ol. comm. lb. ij, ceras fl. 3xij, boli Arm., colcoth. ana^vj, lap. calamin. 5iv,litharg., cerussge, ana 3VJSS, camphorae 3SS ; desiccative, cicatrizing. White elder ointment, U7ig. sambucinum, Ung. sambuci, P. L. before 1809. Flor. sambuci lb. iv, sevi ovili. lb. iij, ol. olivae lb. j. Ung. sambuci florUxM. F1. samb., adip. ppa. analb. ij. 2. Fl. sambuci 28lb., axung. pore. 84lb., sevi 28lb. ; produced when strained 981b. 3. Ung. sambuci comm. llb.,cerse albae 1 oz.,ol. lavand. exot. 5ij, for retail sale; emollient. Uug. sambuci, P. D. Fl. samb. lb. iij, adip. pp. lb. iv., sevi ppi. lb. ij. Balsamuini Locatellt. 01. olivae lb. j, tereb. Vcn. lb. ss ; boil to an ointment, add santali rubri 25 Mg Seroquel 5vj ; pectoral ; used inter- nally in coughs, with an equal quantity of cons, rosar. Ointments. 491 2. Use sang. drac. for sant. rub. ; this has a hot taste. Bals. viRiDE. Ol. Hni lb. ss, elemi 5ij, serug, 5ij. UxG. DETERGENs. Resinoj fl.j axung. pore, sevi ovilh, 25 Mg Seroquel ana lb. j, cene flavje, olibani, ana lb. jss, euphorbii, aerug. ana 3ij, tereb. Argent. 3iij. UxG. BASiLicuM viiiiDE. Ung. basil. fl. 5viij, ol. oliv. ^iij, apniginis 5J. Ung. 25 Mg Seroquel jeruginis. Ung. cerae albae lb. j, a;ruginis 3SS. Unff. subacetatis cupri. Ung. resinosi 5XV, 25 Mg Seroquel a?rug. 3J ; deter- gent, and to keep down fungous flesh. The green ointment, Unr/. sambuci viride. 01. viridis lb. iij, cerae fl. 5X. 2. Axung. pore. 1 cwt, fol. sambuci 561b., sevi 141b. ; boil to- gether till the leaves are crisp, strain, put it again on a slow fire, and gently stir it till it is of a beautiful green colour ; this is much better than adding aerugo to colour it, as is done by some. Ung. xervinum. 01. laurini 3lb., ung. sambuci virid. lib., axungiae 21b., ol. succini 4oz. : the original ointment had a num- ber of herbs, boiled in ol. nervini lb. v, sevi lb. ij, and was scented with ol. spicac 3jss. Ung. populxeum. This is another compound ointment of a number of herbs, boiled in lard, for which green elder ointment is now sold ; emollient. Spermaceti oivt me ht, Ceratum album, 01. oliv. cerse albae, ana 3iv, sperm, ceti 3SS. Ung. album, P. L. 1745, Un(/. cercB, 01. oliv. lb. j, cerse albae ^iv, sperm, ceti 3iij. LiNiM. ALBU.Af, Unfjf. spermatis ceti, Ung. cetacei. Ol. oliv. Vij, ceriE alb. 5ij, spern). ceti 5vj. Ceratum spermatis ceti, Cer, cetacei, 01. oliv. 51 v, cera; albae pj, sperm, ceti ^s?:. Cfr. simplex, p. E. 01. oliv. 3VJ, cerae albae 3iij, sperm, ceti 3J ; emollient, in excoriations. White precipitate oixtment, Uiig, e menmrio prcecipitato, Ung. simplicis jjss, sulph. priecip. 5ij, mere, pracc. albi 3ij, aq. kali ppi. q. s. Ung. caixis hydrargyri alb^. Ung. adipis suilla? 5jss, calc. hydrar. alba; 5J. Uno. hydrargyri PH.ECJP1TATI ALBI. Adip. ppue ^)SS, hydr. pra'c. albi 5J. 492 XIII. OILY COMPOUNDS. Ung. submuriatis hydrargyri ammoniati. Ung. cerse albae lb. j, submur. hydrarg. amnion. 3JSS. Tar ointment, C/tz^. e pice, Ung. picis, P. L. Un^. picis liquidce. Picis liquidae, sevi ppi, ana p. aeq. Ung. picis, P. E. 25 Mg Seroquel Picis liq. lb. v, cerse fl. lb. i j ; are deter- gent : used in cutaneous foulness. Ointment of sugar of lead, Ung. Saturninum^V.'L. 01. oliv. lb. ss, cerae albae ^jss, sacch. Saturni 5ij. Ung. cerussce acetates, Ung.plumhi superacetatis. The same, with cerae albae ^ij. Ung. acetatis plumhi, Ung. Satuminum, P. E. Ung. simp, ^xx, sacch. Saturni 5j. Ung. acetatis plumhi. Ung. cerae albae lb. jss, sacch. Saturni 5j ; cooling, desiccative. Brimstone ointment, Ung. e sulphure. Ung. simp. lb. ss, flor. sulph. ^ij, ess. limon. 3j. Ung. sulphuris, P. L. before 1809. Ung. adip. 25 Mg Seroquel suil. lb. ss, fl. sulph. iv. Ung. sulphuris, P. L. since 1809. Adip. ppse. lb. ss, fl. sulph. ^iij. Ung. sulphuris, P. D. Adip. ppai. lb. iv, fl. sulph. lb. j.
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